Get your Crypto-Gold Asset

Crypto-Gold Coin is a GOLD cryptocurrency.

This means that every coin represents a finite quantity of actual physical gold.

Gold is the ultimate asset. Crypto-Gold Coins are a safe, secure, and easy way to

buy, hold and move gold anywhere anytime.

You too can benefit from the cryptocurrency revolution today.

Crypto-Gold Coin Inc. launches 10 million Crypto-Gold Coins (CGCs). A fully gold backed cryptocurrency under Ethereum Blockchain.


Safe, Secure & Trusted Gold has genuine intrinsic value
CGC charges no premium on top of gold price Gold backing means price & value stability
No account fees, no holding fees, no storage fees Your fast, flexible & secure crypto comodity
Blockchain security & safely transferable world-wide Easy to purchase – Use PayPal, Credit Card, Bank transfer or pay with ETH
10,000,000 coins are fully backed by 100,000 ounces of gold SAVING – 5 FREE Coins for every 100 coins purchased TODAY – Immediate 5% FREE gain

Our Rates

10 Coin

  • Get 10 Coins

  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

50 Coins

  • Get 50 Coin
  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed

250 Coins

  • Get 262.5 Coins
  • Every Coin is 100% Gold Backed
  • SPECIAL OFFER: 12.5 FREE Coins

What makes Crypto-Gold Coins different?

Gold's Price Security: Crypto-Gold Coins are a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with the price security of gold because every coin is 100% gold backed. Every Crypto-Gold Coin represents actual physical gold and can be exchanged for the equivalent metal. Crypto-Gold...
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Is Crypto-Gold Coins Right for you?

Ask Yourself It is important to ask the right questions. There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. To understand this, you’ve got to ask yourself the right questions about your financial control and security. Do you want...
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How does the Crypto-Gold Coin gold backing works?

Knowledge Is power Each Crypto-Gold Coin is 100% backed by gold. This gold is part of Citigold’s gold reserves and is not gold sitting somewhere in a gold storage facility. So, what is the difference and is the fact that it is a gold reserve instead of the actual...
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Emma G.

“One of my coworkers told me about Crypto-Gold Coins. He seemed to love the concept and although I was intrigued as well, I was a little bit skeptical about what might happen if the value of gold changed at all. I called Crypto-Gold Coin and was put in contact with a customer service representative who explained to me my options; that the coins are fully backed for ultimate stability so whether the value of gold went up or down, there were always options. I loved that they were able to give me this peace of mind.”


Mary A.

“Crypto-Gold Coins are an awesome investment. Not only are the coins a convenient way to buy and hold gold, but there are also no extra, hidden fees for using Crypto-Gold Coins’ services. Whenever I have had questions, I’ve been able to give their customer service representatives a call and they’ve always been super helpful.”


Todd C.

“By using Crypto-Gold Coins, I was able to keep my assets safe and rest easy knowing that I can trust what they this company tells me. The entire process is super easy to manage and their site is easy to navigate. I am very happy with my experience thus far with Crypto-Gold Coins.”


Alex P.

“My friend recommended Crypto-Gold Coins to me so I thought I would try and check it out. It was clear that they want to make everything as convenient as possible for customers. The coins were super easy to purchase. All I had to do was use my PayPal account. So, I was able to purchase gold—and without any extra fees!”


Kyle A.

“I was seriously looking into buying gold, but I knew that having real, physical gold in my possession would not be very secure, and it might pose some problems. I found out about Crypto-Gold Coins and it didn’t take much for me to be convinced that this was the route to take. I’m super happy that I decided to use Crypto-Gold Coins for my gold purchase. I know that it is secure and I can trust the company with my purchase.


Stephanie A.

“It was important for me to find a place that I could trust when purchasing gold. Crypto-Gold Coins are awesome because I never have to worry about being negatively affected by gold value fluctuation. By using this organization, I know that my assets are 100% safe and that will never be cheated out of anything. The coins will never be worth less than their gold value.”


Erin B.

“My husband and I are both very happy with our experience with Crypto-Gold Coins. Not only was it super easy to create an account, but we purchased 100 coins and got 5 free. This is just one of the things that goes to show that Crypto-Gold Coin is not out to jip anyone, but rather keep your wealth safe.”

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